Panda "I Walk in Their Shoes" Insoles
  • Nicely Packaged
    Nicely Packaged
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    Main Image
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I WALK IN THEIR SHOES Comfort Panda Insoles are recycled, earth friendly and just plain fun to wear!  

Another fun way to show your support of WWF's initiativs, these insoles have these Special Features:

  • They add comfort to your everyday activities
  • Odor and moisture absorbing.
  • Made of 3mm of shock absorbing & cushioning 100% recycled Sponge with a poly velvet fabric top layer
  • Dye-sublimation printed design
  • Hand washable
  • Fits Shoe Type: Casual, Dress, or Athletic Shoes
  • Fits all Sizes: Men, Women and Children Size 2-12. One Size Fits all, trim to fit.

Sizing & Trimming Information: Each insole is designed to accommodate all sizing.  Simply trim to your size using sharp scissors and cut along the lines you see on the insole that indicates your shoe size. Please note that all manufacturers shoe sizing may vary slightly. We suggest you first trim leaving the insole slightly larger than your size and then trim further for a proper fit. The graphics were designed to accommodate all sizing with the most important image at the heel.

Warning:  Wearing these insoles may cause thoughts of well being for our planet, a slight increase in productive consciousness, and an overwhelming sense of comfort.


PRICE:  $12.00