Welcome to WWF Gear by New Headings

Welcome to WWF Gear by New Headings!

Here you can find a great selection of gear and apparel from brands that you can trust: Patagonia, Tilley Endurables, Eagle Creek, Nalgene, and more.

Nearly all items are black or white (or "dark gray" and "off white") as a complement to the WWF Panda and come proudly embellished with WWF’s Panda logo.

New Headings is proud to donate 20% of all sales to WWF in support of their global conservation efforts.

To begin shopping click on any of the categories you see to the left or for personalized customer service call us at New Headings (1-888-643-3382) and ask for Marcy, Peggy, or Mark.

PLEASE NOTE: WWF Gear items cannot be sold or shipped to addresses outside of the United States.