WWF Aquis Large Adventure Microfiber Towel [AV1130SMF]

Made of super absorbant Aquitex® microfiber, a patented fiber that instantly soaks up water on contact, this high performance towel is gentle on skin and hair, yet ruthless on water and sweat.

This towel, perfect for outdoor adventure - river running, snorkeling, and other energetic, high output pursuits - has these Special Features:

  • Super absorbent and quick-drying between uses
  • You literally pat yourself dry
  • Extremely lightweight, durable and compact
  • A must-have for adventurers and athletes, it feels so soft you'll want to use is everyday
  • Measures 19"x39" and weighs less than 7 ounces
  • Has a convenient snap loop so you can hang your towel to dry anywhere
  • Comes in a mesh bag that allows the towel to dry in the bag
  • Quickly 'air dries' when you're out in the wild (Machine washable - when you're at home)
  • Comes in color Graphite (Dark Gray) with the WWF Panda Logo on the lower right corner of the towel

PRICE:  $24.95